English for specific needs

International meetings – prepare yourself for the phrases and idioms, small talk and entertaining that takes place when you travel abroad or when you host international partners.

Presentations/conferences – a successful presentation can ‘clinch the deal’ and ensure success.  We can help you prepare for an English presentation at a conference and we can also “train the trainer” for those who are asked to do their training course(s) to an international audience, in the English language.

Negotiations – The language of persuasion  – getting your business partners to agree to your terms and prices, compromising and reaching a win-win outcome.

Polish up your telephoning skills and feel confident on business calls. Improve your business writing style so your emails are clear and well written.

1-1 Coaching 1-1 coaching is the best method of improving your English more quickly, as the training is focused entirely on yourself and your needs.  It is intensive and specific and we concentrate totally on what you want to learn or practice.  Our business English training aims to prepare you and your team for specific business situations. We offer the whole range of business English tools your company needs to do successful international business and remember – we do a needs analysis before you start, to ascertain what these needs are.