English Training

Business English training: prepare yourself and your team for doing business with the English speaking world and ensure success.

English for Human Resources: We teach the language relating to human resources and recruitment and help your personnel department operate globally.

English for Accountants: GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards, as well as financial vocabulary, make English a must in today’s world of finance.

English for Insurance: Commercial, travel and marine (shipping) insurance, as well as other types, all require a lot of English vocabulary.

English for business meetings, presentations, negotiations, …. ensure you feel confident with the language and phrases necessary to do successful business transactions, give opinions, express agreement and convince business partners.

After work English: Busy day, no time to stop? In a relaxed atmosphere away from your office, after normal office hours, we run 90 minute weekly courses.

Parents English time: the kids are in Kindergarten but you are not yet back at work? Take the opportunity during the morning of revising or learning business English, to ensure a good start back to work with new or improved skills.