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Business English Weekend Workshops

If you want to update or revise your business English, then one way you can do this – without investing too much time – is by attending a weekend business English workshop– a short intensive delve into some of the most important aspects you need in business.

Instead of taking up your whole weekend, they can start on Friday mid-afternoon and all day Saturday.  But most important, they are out of normal working hours and you can relax without worrying about work.  Some companies are good enough to offer to pay for one or two staff to take part, but if they are economically priced, then you could also consider paying yourself.

You should try to speak to the trainer before the workshop to make sure they know what level of English you have and also to ask if they can include anything that you would particularly like to cover.   It is also possible to find workshops that cover specific topics, like telephoning, the language of business meetings, presentation skills or for specific subjects, such as English for human resources, insurance, finance.

Workshops during the weekend used to be popular some years ago, but these days less people seem prepared to give up part of their weekend.  Short-sighted, maybe, since these intensive short training sessions are an excellent way to brush-up your English skills for work or private.   Improving your English skills might get you that promotion you have been waiting for, or a new job where English is essential.  It’s no good waiting until it happens as you can’t learn a language quickly.

Pledger Business English training can offer such workshops which run from 4 – 8 pm on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday.  The workshops are small (max 6 people) and take place in my cosy office close to Othmarschen station. Train and bus are both nearby and parking is easy.

What exactly do you do during a business English weekend?  Well, some time is spent on perfecting small talk, introductions and general communication – questions, enquiries, cultural issues.  Since everybody has to use the telephone, telephoning expressions and roleplays are practised as is the art of writing a good email.  Vocabulary is very high on the list of all my training, so this features throughout the workshops in many different shapes and forms.  Grammar is covered and explained as and when necessary.

I price my workshops at a reasonable price, so that individuals can afford to pay themselves.  There are two levels for the general workshops: lower intermediate at A1 – B1 and intermediate level at B2+.  There are two weekend workshops coming up:

Fri 31 January to Sat 1 February – A2 – B1

Fri 14 February to Sat 15 February – B2+

or you can ask me about other dates and times which suit you later in the year.

The cost is currently €275, plus MwSt.

Phone or write for more details and registration.

Pat Pledger

Pledger Business English Training