Business English

After Work Business English

Want to improve your Business English out of office hours at a manageable price?

There are people out there who do not have the opportunity to do business English training paid by their company and so some years ago I decided to offer the possibility at my office in Othmarschen.  We start at 6 pm and each session runs for for 90 minutes. The course of 26 sessions is economically priced and English tea is thrown in at every session.  The group also accompanies my business theatre group to the English Theatre three or four times a year.

The course offers good quality training in a small group of 4 – 6 maximum and we cover all aspects of business English from grammar to writing skills, telephoning, small talk, reading articles with discussion and much more. But most important, there is plenty of opportunity to chat in English.  The current group is approximately intermediate level  (B1 – B2).  You work with people of a similar level from different work backgrounds.

Sometimes  the participants ask their company to pay and they do.

I have had a number of freelance trainers attend my After Work Group – people who suddenly find they are asked to give their course or workshop in English and this is a big challenge.  The cost of the training can be claimed against your tax as training expenses.

For those who don’t know the West of Hamburg, Othmarschen is only two stops from Altona and my office is so close to the station you could almost fall out of the train into my office.  This is therefore convenient for those who don’t live in the immediate vicinity.

If you’re interested in taking part, just give us a call or email so that we can talk about your needs.

Happy English learning in 2020!