How it all began After 20 years in human resources management in London I moved to Germany in the early 90s. I decided that business English was a much needed resource in many German companies and so channelled my management experience into teaching English as a foreign language. After an initial period of training, I set up in Frankfurt and then subsequently in Hamburg and since then have worked in many companies in Germany doing weekly business English training, as well as workshops and seminars. I was keen to specialise in English for human resources and could see this necessity developing in many of my clients.  I was approached by a German publisher to write a book on the subject and then later worked on another book about job applications in English.  As a result of these books, I have also done many teacher training workshops at conferences around Europe. I now have an office in Othmarschen with a small group of hand-picked trainers. Most of our work is in-company training on a week to week basis, but some clients enjoy coming to our offices to do courses…….. and the rest you can find here on our website.  I hope you enjoy having a look around and look forward to doing business with you.

See Pat Pledger on film with Deutsche Welle in June 2015 in a film about business between the Brits and the Germans in Hamburg.  The section showing Pat training was taken in the offices of one of her long-term clients in HafenCity, who was happy to agree to the short filming session and be involved. Start video

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